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Dec 12
Friends of the Malden River meeting, 6:30-8PM Cambridge Health Alliance, 195 Canal Street, Malden

Jan 3
Committee Meeting, 7-9PM
Tufts University, Tisch College of Citizenship & Public Service, Lincoln Filene Hall, Rabb Room, 10 Upper Campus Road, Medford


MyRWA works with many organizations to accomplish our goals. Below are current and past MyRWA projects. View a list of our partners here.



EPA Steering Committee

The Mystic River Watershed Steering Committee addresses the issues and needs of the communities and natural resources of the watershed.

Lower Mystic Fish Advisory Project
This project works to provide necessary public information regarding fish consumption in the Lower Mystic River.

Mystic River Clean Water Campaign

This campaign was launched in 2012 to advocate for unimpaired water quality.

Mystic River Collaborative Project

This project utilizes urban design and low impact development to improve water quality of Chelsea Creek.

Mystic River Corridor Strategy Project

An outcome of this project includes the development of an information clearinghouse and web-based dynamic map of the Lower Mystic.

Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP)

This SEP library allows you to add your project to the list!



Herring Habitat Assessment - coming soon!

MyRWA measures water quality conditions to assess habitat conditions for herring in the Mystic River, Alewife Brook, and Aberjona River.

Herring Monitoring

Launched in 2012, the Herring Monitoring Program counts herring at the Upper Mystic Lake Dam.

Water Chestnut Removal Project

Partnering organizations, boat clubs and volunteers help remove this invasive plant as part of a multi-year project.




Blueback Herring River Route

This walking path connects Somerville’s popular public park, Foss Park, and the Mystic River.

Herring Run and Paddle

This 5K road race and paddling races bring attention to the Mystic River each May.

Lower Mystic Initiative
This project funded the addition of two Baseline Monitoring locations, volunteer trainings, and youth outreach in East Boston and Chelsea in 2009 and 2010.

Mystic Stormwater Education Program

Youth from Malden, Chelsea and Cambridge explored stormwater issues courtesty of a US EPA grant.

River & Lake Cleanups

River cleanups are held each April in celebration of Earth Day.



Chelsea Green Infrastructure Project

Using community involvement, project partners propose several methods to introduce green infrastructure in Chelsea.

Malden River Urban Waters Partnership
MyRWA promotes green infrastructure and analyzes water quality conditions in the Malden River watershed.

Rain Gardens

MyRWA builds rain gardens to treat stormwater runoff in Arlington and Everett.

604B Project - Alewife Brook watershed

Arlington and Belmont began work in 2013 in the Alewife Brook watershed to address non-point source pollution.

604B Project - Aberjona River watershed

Woburn, Burlington, Reading and Winchester address non-point source pollution in the Aberjona River watershed.



Baseline Monitoring Program

This program monitors trends in water quality across fifteen sites through volunteer efforts.

Hot-Spot Monitoring Program

Intensive sub-watershed studies are performed through this program.

Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program

Cyanobacteria, a potentially harmful bacteria, is monitored throughout the watershed primarily at recreational areas.

Recreational Flagging Program
The watershed wide flagging system alerts recreational users to safe or unsafe water quality conditions.



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