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Dec 12
Friends of the Malden River meeting, 6:30-8PM Cambridge Health Alliance, 195 Canal Street, Malden

Jan 3
Committee Meeting, 7-9PM
Tufts University, Tisch College of Citizenship & Public Service, Lincoln Filene Hall, Rabb Room, 10 Upper Campus Road, Medford


Through policy and advocacy work, MyRWA seeks to raise awareness of the Mystic River, its tributaries and watershed lands, better understand its problems and opportunities, and provide the tools that residents can use to help to restore and protect it.



MyRWA's Executive Director at the Mystic River Hearing, 2011.In conjunction with MyRWA staff members, MyRWA’s Policy Committee is a group of committed volunteers that give a voice to the water, habitat, and wildlife in the Mystic River Watershed. The committee advocates for responsible development that supports clean water, existing habitat, and a healthy environment. The committee ensures that developments are in compliance with environmental legislation.  If you would like to join the Policy Committee, please email Tracy, Committee Chair, call the MyRWA office at 781-316-3438, or attend the next Committee Meeting, as indicated on the MyRWA calendar.

Part of the committee's role is to submit comment letters after carefully reviewing the environmental impact reports submitted by the relevant parties. The comment letters were submitted during the public comment periods to the Attorney General, municipality, Conservation Commission and/or another relevant party.



MyRWA launched the Mystic River Clean Water Campaign in 2012 that advocates for improved water quality throughout the 22 community watershed. MyRWA sends out special advocacy e-alerts from time to time on relevant issues. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to MyRWA's E-newsletter and E-alerts.


There are currently 35 legislators who represent part (sometimes only a small part) of the Mystic River Watershed. Mystic River Watershed lawmakers work long and hard on issues that have significant impact in the environment. Your voice is urgently needed on Beacon Hill. Write or call your legislator and demand that our environmental agencies get the proper funding they need to protect our communities and our environment!  Find your legislator here.



EPA Steering Committee
The Mystic River Watershed Steering Committee addresses the issues and needs of the communities and natural resources of the watershed.

Lower Mystic Fish Advisory Project
This project works to provide necessary public information regarding fish consumption in the Lower Mystic River.

Mystic River Clean Water Campaign

This campaign was launched in 2012 to advocate for unimpaired water quality.

Mystic River Collaborative Project

This project utilizes urban design and low impact development to improve water quality of Chelsea Creek.

Mystic River Corridor Strategy Project

An outcome of this project includes the development of an information clearinghouse and web-based dynamic map of the Lower Mystic.



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